Perpetual Ocean Machine


The spring reverb had its day in many a recording studio as a cheap and convenient substitute for a real hall, equipped with loud speaker and microphones. I’ve been exploring the creative artistic possibilities of a giant spring reverb made out of a bed spring, and using it more like an instrument, rather than a mere effect. I intend to play it like a resonant cavity by putting it in an amplified feedback loop. It would then play in a harmonic series scale – like the shepherds horn, which by the way has a beautiful tradition of simple folk calls. At present the signal to noise ratio of my setup is too low to get a reliable oscillation, so for now I’ve been tickling it with my fingers instead of a transducer.

Take a listen to the rich layered undulations produced by the setup pictured above, consisting of the spring and a four channel looper built in PureData. This is an excerpt from a recent performance at Waugh Agency.


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