96 Crickets Afoot


I’m in the planning stages of a new electro-acoustic sculpture. I’ve made some prototypes of the basic circuit and drawn up some sketches of the final piece. The 96 speakers presented in a grid on the wall will click repeatedly at about once a second in interfering phasing patterns, much like car blinkers at a traffic light, or crickets. In this project, I’ve been interested in the use of identical ready made objects, and repeating structures – invoking. As always, I’ve involved waste in the narrative by employing off-castings of industrial manufacturing sourced from a surplus warehouse.


The proposed sculpture comprises 96 oscillator units, oscillating independently. For the oscillator circuit I sought out the simplest possible design. The relaxation model fits the requirements. I discovered that a reverse bias transistor model could be used for a minimum of parts. The one transistor design cleverly makes use of a lesser known property of BJT transistors. Many common transistors exhibit a negative resistor effect when reverse biased.


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